Residential Roof Inspections a Proactive Homeowner Should Do 

If there is one thing that we, homeowners, feel guilty of overlooking, it is probably our roof. Because while we go on enhancing the curb appeal and improving our garden and fence, the most important exterior structure that affects both the house’s overall aesthetic and its functionality, which is the roof, is given little attention.  

Although it is essential to search Google, “roof inspection near me” and hire professional roof inspectors once in a while to resolve some roofing issues, we also have a responsibility on its regular maintenance including inspections. 

Ideally, a homeowner should inspect the roof at least thrice a year besides any special incidents like storms and other harsh weather conditions. This allows for documenting the damage and filing a roof insurance claim.  

Inspect your roof of the following telltale signs: 

Wall or Ceiling Discoloration  

Discolorations on these parts are caused by water stains, and water stains are a good indication that moisture has been invading your home. When this happens, you can deduce two things: first, your insulation or wall has been damaged and this allows water pooling; second, your roof has cracks or holes that need to be repaired immediately.  

Sudden Spikes in Energy Bills 

A sudden increase in energy bills may be a result of several reasons including a damaged roof. When a roof has holes, cracks, or missing shingles, it affects the house’s insulation and ventilation, forcing your cooling systems to work harder, therefore increasing energy consumption.  

Moss on the Roof 

Moss retains moisture and when moisture accumulates on the roof, it will cause some of the roofing structures to deteriorate. If you see moss growing on your roof, do not remove them on your own. Call a professional roofing contractor because they completely remove moss and ensure they do not come back, at least for a long period of time. if you remove them by yourself, there is a greater chance they would come back after a few days. 

Shingles Granules 

If you have shingled roofing, then shingle granules are enough reason to worry. While granules are normal after installation, consistently seeing granules is an indication that your shingles already have deteriorated. This can be caused by a strong hailstorm, too much sun exposure, low-quality material, or normal roofing wear and tear. Depending on how severe the damage is, your contractor may advise shingles replacement.  

Sagging Roofing Parts 

A sagging roofing part means that your roof is already damaged and you will need to replace it immediately. It is possible that it has already weakened after long exposure to water, moisture, or heavyweight from snow. Take note that you would not commonly notice a sagging roofing structure unless you inspect and look closely. Moreover, if the house is near some tress, it can possibly be a termite infestation that caused the foundation damage. When this is the case, a complete termination of termite as well as roof replacement is needed.  

Getting ahead of the possible roofing problems by doing regular inspections can help you a lot; it saves time, money, and effort.